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Friday, April 29th, 2022

Designed to help you build a wildly successful business and lifestyle!


When you're sick and tired of feeling stuck, fed up with the 3:00 AM anxiety attacks, done trying to figure it all out yourself, and ready to make some real progress and profit in your business.



Success may be an inside job, but understanding the internal blocks that hold us back, & knowing how to push those triggers aside will absolutely be key to your business (and life) growth.


When you crave & know you're capable of more, it's time to learn from those who are where you want to be, those who are living proof that you can create the business & life you desire.


Featured Entrepreneurs

Latasha Mitchell

Founder, Authorityz Network and the REAL25 system. Influencer Marketing Strategist, Latasha Mitchell helps business owners harness the untapped power of influencers to scale their businesses faster and easier, without spending a dime on ads. 

Working with Two Comma Club winners and Multimillion dollar brands, Latasha is regarded as  the authority in Influencer Marketing and is in high demand to show others how to grow  their businesses without using conventional marketing strategies.

Sheryl Mays

President of Rise and Shine Consulting and Coaching Firm, & Fonder of Affirm Your Truth: The Movement. A Chief Experience Officer, 5x Author, International Speaker, On-Air Personality and Corporate Trainer. Sheryl provides consulting services and training for individuals, teams and organizations on customer experience, customer service and customer support. 

A contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, Sheryl

is an award-winning sales leader with more than 20 years leadership experience.

Marcia Miller

Marcia Miller is an award-winning tactician who has founded and successfully operated four 7-figure companies in the gift industry.

As the holder of several patents, Marcia has an aptitude for innovating unique, on-trend products and growing sales through creative marketing and strategic brand building. Today, she supports emerging entrepreneurs to thrive professionally and personally, through business strategy coaching and the emotional healing of subconscious blocks to success.

Rachel Weaver

Founder, Amplify and Impact and host of the upcoming podcast called The Comeback! 

Rachel is a speaker, mindset mentor, and business strategist who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators with the inner personal work so they can show up as a heart centered influential leader.

A multiple business owner, including one that served high end salons, spas and medspas across 3 countries, Rachel holds certificates in business psychology, NLP coaching, and trauma informed recovery.

Jamie Legagneur

Founder, Flint Stone Media & Florida Podcast Network.

Producer Jaime Legagneur discovered podcasting in 2014 and has grown her business, Flint Stone Media (along with the Florida Podcast Network), hosting/producing podcasts and managing podcast networks.

She is a podcast producer, coach, speaker, and industry expert who earned the privilege of being the first Podcasting Instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and was the recipient of Podfest‘s 2020 High Achiever Award.

Kim Kelley Thompson

Founder of Kim Kelley Productions, & Kim Kelley Business Coaching. A multiple business owner, award winning documentary producer, best-selling author, speaker, business & personal development coach providing entrepreneurs strategies & support to turn their business dreams into reality. 

Founder & host of The Successful Startup virtual summits, & the soon to be released, Successful Startup podcast. Kim stresses practical application, not theory. She is known for simplifying the complex.

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