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January 18th - 21st, 2022

Join Us for This Free, Live 4 Day Challenge, (60 minutes each day) beginning Tuesday, January 18th, 9AM PST.


When you feel your soul calling you to a bigger life, when you crave and know you're capable of more, but you can't quite put your finger on just what that more is!



When you feel there's something blocking you and you're ready to blast past those internal triggers, change old patterns and step confidently towards your dreams.


When you're tired of trying to figure it out, when you don't know how to begin, it's time to learn from those who are living proof you can live a life by your design.


Your Hosts

Asma Yousif

Clarity & Confidence Coach

Asma supports men and women in their personal and professional lives to reclaim their lives and embark on living a life by design. Her mission is to help others live with greater purpose, clarity, and passion. Asma helps to create new pathways of thinking, believing, living and breaking down generational barriers that weigh on us. She believes that leaders effectively lead when emotional wellness is achieved.

Kim Thompson

Business Development Coach

Kim teaches people how to take the ideas floating around in their heads and turn them into profitable, sustainable businesses. Drawing on her experience as a multiple business owner, Kim blends personal development with the practical steps of business development to help entrepreneurs clearly identify their vision, and start, structure & scale their businesses helping them create the life they desire.

Ronnie Loaiza

Holistic Life Coach

Ronnie helps high-performing professional women get clear on their dreams, talents & purpose then create their paths to fulfill them! She is the Queen of Accountability + Execution! Ronnie uses her extensive experience as a Personal Trainer, with course certifications on Behavior Change, and her work as a coach, to help women redefine their identity and create their personal mission statement.


  • When is it? Tuesday, January 18th - Friday January 21st 9AM (PST) 12PM (EST).
  • Where is it? Zoom - Join in from your laptop/desktop/mobile.
  • Why should I be there? To uncover and confidently take action on your calling.
  • What's it all about? Processes and techniques to create and step into the life you desire.

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