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If you aren't clear on your ideal audience and can't clearly communicate your expertise, how can you expect anyone to do business with you?


Know Your NICHE to Build Your LIST!


By the end of this Masterclass, you'll know how to niche down and how to communicate your value and expertise to reach your ideal clients so that you can build a thriving business.

When you know your client and you know how to communicate your value, your success becomes inevitable.

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Let's Do This!

Growing a profitable business requires you to

Know your NICHE and Build your LIST.

Do you ever think:

> Who exactly do I serve?

> What exactly is my niche?

> Is it a good niche?

> I know I can help many people, if I go too narrow, won't I leave people out?

> What if I choose the wrong audience?

> What if I make a mistake with my offer?

> There are already others doing what I do, the marketplace is too crowded.

These are the questions that keep most entrepreneurs stuck in a cycle of learning but not earning. It's the biggest hurdle people that stands in the way between success and failure. It's the primary reason why most new businesses close within 18 months of opening their doors.

You don't want to be one of those statistics do you? I imagine you started your business for one or all three of these reasons:

1.) To have more flexibility in your schedule.

2.) To share your expertise and help more people.

3.) To be in control of your financial future.

All profitable businesses begin by narrowing their focus and specializing in one area first. Specificity is key to developing a strong, profitable business, it's the one thing that allows you to stand out in a crowded marketplace and rise above the noise of today's internet driven world.

You must be able to be specific in your focus and you must be able to communicate your expertise and value in a way that others clearly see how you and your services can benefit them.

If you cannot clearly communicate your value to your niche, you're leaving money on the table. Knowing your niche is key to building your list and it is the foundation on which everything else in your business is built upon. Get it wrong and your business will be filled with struggle, constant adjustment, compare and despair. Get it right, and your business and success is inevitable.

If you don't know your Niche and your Value, you'll never be able to attract clients and build your profitable business.

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Limited Special: $97

"This is a thorough and incredibly helpful class. I struggled for months trying to land on my ideal client, afraid to go too small, thinking and overthinking the process. I was afraid I'd leave people out. It was as if Kim got inside my head and helped me extract the information that was meant for my "people". I 'm now on track, focused and finally making money for the first time in my business!!"

– Taylor (Holistic Health Coach)

Before working with Kim, I thought I was doing all the necessary things to build my business. I quickly realized that I was focusing on the wrong items, costing myself time and money. I'm now crystal clear on my audience and I can clearly communicate what I do in a way that helps my clients see the benefits of working with me. This class has been very helpful, it's the missing piece in building a successful business."

– Debra (Financial Mentor for Single Moms)

The facts are that...

You cannot attract clients and build your business when you aren't clear on specifically who you serve and how you serve them.'ll risk going BROKE and closing the doors on your business and your dreams.closing the doors on your business.

If you don't take the time to figure this out, you'll be spinning your wheels focusing on things that may seem productive but are not resulting in SALES. AND...


Knowing Your Niche and Building Your List is ESSENTIAL to the success of your Business, When you finally clarify your niche and value, your business will become much easier to grow, opportunities will begin to present themselves, because you know exactly where to focus your time and energy.

If you'd like my guidance in helping you clarify your niche and build your list, your investment in this Masterclass is just $197. 

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I love helping people clarify their ideas and their value so they can create a high paying business giving them more freedom, income and impact.

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